Highest degree of professionalism
Modern, most accurate equipments
Good clinical and Laboratory practice
Excellent consultancy
Modern, most accurate equipment


We target quality for:

  • Accurate results Cost effectiveness Pre-study consultancy
  • Well prepared time schedule for each study. Makin Research Center has a quality system that enables high traceability for all studies.
  • MRC' quality system possess a complete documentation system that complies with ISO systems and global regulations.
  • MRC' documentation system records all processes and tests performed at MRC, such as:
    • Equipment maintenance and calibration records.
    • Environmental conditions monitoring records.
    • Analyst's laboratory activities records.
    • Clinical phases records.
    • Stability records.
    • Internal Audits
    • Corrective and preventive actions processes.
    • Personnel Training, qualifications and evaluation records.
    • Labeling system for identifications.
    • Complete stores system.
    • Purchasing process records.
    • Management procedures records.
  • MRC' records are maintained through MRC' secured archiving system.


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